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Hvino News became first Georgian specialized news publisher included in Google News

04.03.2016 (Hvino News). On March 3, 2016, Google approved Hvino News for inclusion in the English-language section of Google News.

Google News is a news aggregator operated by Google, selecting up-to-date news from thousands of publications. Google News watches about 4500 English-language news sources worldwide, and has around 1 billion readers a week.

Independent SEO expert Andy Aires said: "Google News based articles are a great trust signal from Google. Being included in Google News increases Hvino's robustness in search results. It's a huge achievement for a specialized and country-focused publisher such as Hvino".

Hvino News is the only specialized Georgian news resource listed in Google News. In total, there are only about 7 other Georgian publishers listed in the English-language section of Google News. All of them, except for Hvino News, are general interest news sites.

Hvino News is a specialized news and information resource on Georgian wine, published since April 2012 in English, on a daily basis.

The Hvino family of wine information resources also includes the Russian language version Hvino-Novosti, online bilingual Georgian wine Catalogue, and the first interactive Map of Georgian wine objects.

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    Georgian Wine Catalogue   
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Hvino Mapping project launched on Georgian Wine Day

04.10.2015. Greetings to all friends of Georgian wine! To mark the Georgian Wine Day, Hvino launched our Georgian wine mapping project on October 4th.

Hvino Map  is an experimental project, where users are mapping the important wine places of Georgia. Hvino Map is already fully usable. It will be updated every week, becoming richer and more comprehensive with time.  It can be used on any desktop or mobile devices, both Apple and Android. Direct link to map is here.

You are welcome to add a new object, such as winery, cellar, wine shop, hotel or other place useful for visitors. Users also may update and correct locations if necessary. If you want to edit the map, see instructions in the bottom. Also please report us about all problems or bugs, so we will fix them.

View current Hvino Map below...

How to edit Hvino Map:

To simplify editing and avoid errors, we use separate Google map for user's submissions. To add your object, use the map below and follow instructions:

Hvino becomes media partner of ProWine China, Shanghai's international wine fair

22.10.2014 (Hvino News). is pleased to communicate that Hvino News is now the official supporting media partner of ProWine China, a world leading international trade fair for wine and spirits (see the official list of supporting medias here).

ProWine China is scheduled for 12-14 November in Shanghai. The fair's variety makes it a unique show in Mainland China.

ProWine China is sister project of Europe's leading wine fair ProWein Dusseldorf, organized by Messe Dusseldorf. For almost three years Hvino News has been developing successful cooperation with ProWein Dusseldorf ,  being the only ProWein's media partner from Georgia. Understanding the high importance of Asian market for Georgian wine, Hvino's team is now expanding our activity eastwards and aims to assist in promotion of Georgian winemaking in Asia and especially in China.

570 exhibitors from 30 countries participated in ProWine China 2013. Georgia had its own pavilion, where several Georgian winemakers were represented under one roof. During the upcoming exhibition, Hvino News will help to cover the Georgian winemakers' participation.

Hvino News is the only media partner of ProWine China representing Georgia.

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    Georgian Wine Catalogue      
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Hvino posted videos on Georgian Wine Catalogue

27.09.2014. Hvino has posted "how-to" videos about the use of its online Georgian Wine Catalogue. The videos were recorded at a wine shop in Signagi, Kakheti region, Georgia.  The videos are available in English and Russian, and in high definition (HD) as well. Hvino's new videos were posted in its social network pages such as Facebook and YouTube. Hvino's new YouTube channel was created for that purpose.

Hvino's Georgian Wine Catalogue,  widely covered by mass media (see here), is the first online guide on high-quality Georgian wines. The Catalogue is targeted primarily at consumers who buy Georgian wines in the world's wine stores.

2 years of

01.05.2014. Happy birthday, Hvino! We say that on May 1. Though Hvino News opened in April 2012, exactly two years ago - on May 1 - Hvino News was launched officially.

During two years has been offering a daily news service on Georgian wine for the global readership, having posted over 1775 articles in English and Russian.

Recently Hvino's founder and chief editor Alexander Kaffka was interviewed by, New York-based website that provides information and analysis about developments in the countries of the Caucasus and Central Asia. The text of the interview to EurasiaNet's Yigal Schleifer can be found here. Below we publish an expanded version.

How did you get the idea for Hvino?

I must explain I was born in Georgia, and was seeking for ways to contribute professionally to the country's progress. As my experience is largely in publishing, PR and marketing, I started with writing an article for a Tbilisi-based business newspaper, in which I shared my views about necessity for better international promotion of Georgia's "signature products," including wine and tourism. At that time – back in 2012 – someone interested in Georgian products faced a complete information vacuum. Despite a declaration that wine plays a special role in Georgia’s culture and history, neither the government agency responsible for wine nor the business association of wine producers had any presence on the internet.

Hvino's Georgian Wine Catalogue is now open

02.01.2014. Hvino's new project Georgian Wine Catalogue is now open for data collection: Winemakers and wine traders can add their products. Catalogue will be opened for users as soon as the database is completed.

If you are a company interested in adding your products to the database, please e-mail us via Hvino News or add your comment on our website or facebook page. We will send you the link to Catalogue and other information.

Hvino's Georgian Wine Catalogue,  already covered by Georgian media (Georgia Today, Agenda.geBusinessPressNews, BPI), will be the first online guide on high-quality Georgian wines. The Catalogue is targeted primarily at consumers who buy Georgian wines in the world's wine stores.

Hvino publishes 2013's Media Rating of Georgian Wine Companies

11.12.2013. (Hvino News).  This year's Media Rating of Georgian Wine Companies became known today. For the second time Hvino News prepares its analytic report, which is now based on 20 months of our global media monitoring.

Compared to 2012's data, both leaders - Tbilvino and Teliani Valley - have confirmed their strong position in the media, as they keep their Gold and Silver positions respectively for the second year in row.

The Bronze shifted  from Pheasant's Tears to Wine Man. Wine Man showed excellent progress from the 7th position in 2012 to the Top-3 in 2013!

Shuchmann Wines, who shared Silver in 2012, went down to 4th place, but with just a minimal gap.

The number of mentions of other companies can be seen from the tables (Click on the images to enlarge).

2012's Media Rating results can be found here. Our media data includes both the international English-language media monitoring and the articles published by Hvino News under its own copyright. Hvino News was the first to conduct regular media analysis of Georgian wine industry.

© Hvino News 

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AGC / joins the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) of Georgia

10.12.2013 (Hvino News).  is pleased to communicate that our company  has become the member of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) of Georgia. ICC is one of the most influential business associations, which unites more than hundred companies and organizations operating in Georgia, including major business players such as Bank Republic, Radisson, KPMG, Forbes.

As  an  ICC  member, will  be  invited  to participate  in ICC meetings with government officials, meetings with leaders in the business community, and ICC seminars, commission meetings and social events. We hope that membership in ICC will allow to enrich our news service, to raise popularity of our medias, and to broaden our readership. On behalf of our organization we take this opportunity to say thanks to ICC for the invitation.

© Hvino News   |  DRINK GEORGIAN!

AGC launched "Drink Georgian!" community for fans and producers

30.09.2013 (Hvino News). "Drink Georgian!" is the simple and catchy slogan of a global community launched by AGC and recently for the fans of famous Georgian drinks worldwide, as well as for producers, importers and retailers. "Drink Georgian!" (DG!) unites under a single umbrella the Georgian-made wine, spirits, mineral water and soft drinks including the famous lemonades.

The mission of "Drink Georgian!" is to offer a platform for people and businesses to show they are fans of Georgian drinks. People who like Georgian wine, spirits, mineral water and soft drinks can simply “like” the community's Facebook page; while companies, government agencies, mass media and other organizations may also display their logos on the project’s website, to show their support.

DG!'s website also offers a choice of banners with community' logo for free download. The red square buttons are available in Georgian or in English and in various sizes. They may be copied and pasted to any personal or corporate site or blog without limitations, to raise awareness about the "Drink Georgian!" community.

An important marketing advantage of DG! is that it is not directly advocating alcohol consumption. Therefore "Drink Georgian!" is not restricted by laws which impose limits on alcohol advertising, which are in force in some of the world's countries including Russia., the initiator of "Drink Georgian!"welcomes cooperation with all organizations, companies, mass media who wish to support the promotion of Georgian products and exports, as well as popularization of Georgian traditional food, drinks, culture, and lifestyle.  Inquiries may be sent to our team at Hvino News.

© Hvino News   |  DRINK GEORGIAN!

AGC's director interviewed by AFP (Agence France Presse)

30.06.2013. On June 30 French news agency AFP published article Georgian wines back on Russia market after ban by Max Delany. In the article, AFP is quoting answers of Artenom Georgia Consulting's head Alexander Kaffka, who was interviewed by Max Delany.

Excerpts from the AFP's article follow below:
Earlier in June -- over seven years after Moscow slapped a ban on Georgian wines amid spiralling tensions that erupted into a brief war in 2008 -- the first batch of wine from the tiny former Soviet state was allowed back across the border into Russia.
That is a big hope for the entire wine industry in Georgia -- a mountainous republic on the Black Sea that is considered by many experts as the cradle of wine-making. Georgian-born Soviet leader Stalin reputedly liked Khvanchkara so much that he served it to US president Franklin Roosevelt and British prime minister Winston Churchill at the crucial World War II summit in Yalta in 1945.
"Simply said, today's Georgian wine is a completely different product," said Alexander Kaffka, who publishes Hvino News, a website dedicated to the Georgian wine industry.

AGC's director interviewed by Britain's "Just Drinks"

07.04.2013 (Hvino News) On March 11 the British beverage industry's leading online resource Just Drinks published article  "Georgian Wine Has Moved On Since Russia Ban". In the article, Just Drinks  is quoting answers of AGC's director Alexander Kaffka and  head of Georgia's National Wine Agency Levan Davitashvili.

Full text of article  "Georgian Wine Has Moved On Since Russia Ban" by Andy Morton  follows below.
When Russia closed its borders to Georgian wine in 2006, it was a bitter blow for the former soviet republic's industry. Russia accounted for around 80% of Georgia's wine sales. 
But now that the ban looks set to be overturned, Georgia's wine representatives are not as excited as you might expect. That's because in the past seven years Georgia has found other countries to focus on.

Russian version of "Hvino News" is launched today

01.03.2013 (Hvino News). Today Hvino News is pleased to launch  its Russian language version officially. Hvino-Novosti (Hvino-Новости) is the Russian arm of Hvino News, which since last spring has gained recognition as the first and only news site on Georgian wine with daily updates.

Hvino-Novosti is published in cooperation with the National Wine Agency of Georgia. The new information resource will contribute to international promotion of Georgian products to Russian speaking audience, especially in the view of resumption of Georgian wine export to Russia.

According to the editor of Hvino-Novosti,  "We have created a single, easy-to-use source of information on Georgian wine industry for the international English-speaking audience. Now we are expanding our target group to the multi-million Russian-speaking audience. It is important to note that content of English and Russian sites are not identical. In fact, we have created a new information channel: Nvino News and Hvino-Novosti  are actually two independent resources, targeted at different types of readership. However, a common base for both of them is information of National Wine Agency, with which we are partnering. We believe this partnership is fundamental for ensuring high quality of our information".

USA issued postage stamp with Artenom's design

19.11. 2012 (Hvino News) The US Postal Service has approved postage stamp with the image of Miss Georgian Wine 2012 -  a photo contest organized by Artenom's  Hvino News  site.

Earlier Hvino News has announced that the award for the winner of Miss Georgian Wine 2012 Photo Contest would be an unusual and unique object. This stamp with image of Sopho Kherkheulidze is the promised surprise for the winner.

At the same time, this is official postage usable in the USA. It will also become a philately collector’s item.

“We are glad to issue this unusual prize for Miss Georgian Wine 2012. The stamp also promotes Georgia worldwide – which is the main objective of  Hvino News  and other projects of We have already started to accept photos for 2013 Contest, and we hope our next year’s prize will be a national Georgian stamp. We would welcome Georgian Postal Service to partner in Miss Georgian Wine,” – said Alexander Kaffka, publisher of  Hvino News .

Ok, Russia lets Georgian wine in, what's next?

by Alexander Kaffka

17.11.2012 (Hvino News). The long-awaited return of banned Georgian wine and mineral water to huge Russian market seems to approach. Last week was full of high-level signals coming from both sides, which communicate positive message to eager market players as well as thirsty consumers.

Relations between Georgia and Russia are still at nearly lowest possible level. Let’s say they are a tiny bit above the lowest level. What has been once a total vacuum for citizens of two countries – absence of diplomatic relations, ban on visa issuance, lack of direct transportation means – became slightly better with introduction of direct airline service and one-sided visa-free regime for entry to Georgia. But this is not a breathable atmosphere, because entry to Russia is still practically closed to most Georgians including businesspeople.

Recent political change in Georgia gave hope of fresh air to the breathless contacts between two nations. Comeback of Georgian wine and Borjomi – country’s “signature products” - to Russia will seemingly be the first tangible dividend of that kind.

While restoration of diplomatic relations is deadlocked by the issue of Georgia’s breakaway territories, such steps as lifting the ban on Georgian products, complemented perhaps by cultural exchange may serve as gestures of good will. To improve bilateral relations thoroughly, however, much more good political will is required than is available now.

Under that angle, the political and symbolic significance of Georgian wine’s comeback prevails over its economic impact.

From business viewpoint, permission to export to Russian market is excellent news for Georgian winemakers and hopefully for the agriculture industry of Georgia. After all, Russia has been the natural consumer market for Georgian agriculture for centuries.

In Russia the Georgian products will find certain demand, but will face hard competition. I may reiterate what I told to Wine Spectator magazine in September: it will be challenging, if not impossible, to regain the market share Georgians used to have in retail.

Given the high cost of marketing campaign in Russia’s huge market, the importers are likely to use more cost-efficient solutions such as distribution through Georgian restaurants. Georgian cuisine is in high demand in Russia, and no additional marketing is necessary to offer authentic Saperavi and Kindzmarauli to clientele of thousands of Georgian restaurants.

There is no doubt that high-end supermarkets and wine boutiques will also stock Georgian products. In the lower market sections, however, Georgian brands may again face the problem of counterfeits. The problem of fake Georgian wine existed in Russia before the ban. It’s no secret this problem still exists in other markets – including even the USA.

What can be done to fight against counterfeiters and to secure quality of Georgian brands? 21 century’s technologies offer a range of solutions – from online wine shops with direct sales from the producer, to special labeling with RFID chips, which allow the wine label to be read by mobile phones. Maybe it is good time for technology-savvy Georgian producers to consider the next steps to fully take advantage of the new opening opportunities.

Alexander Kaffka Ph.D. is director of Artenom Consulting and founder of Georgian business news resource

© Hvino News

AGC starts news resource on Georgia’s tourism industry

01.11.2012. "Hvino TOUR News" (HTN), the first English-language online news resource on Georgian tourism and hospitality industry, was launched on November 1 at "Hvino TOUR News" will help in international promotion of Georgian tourism by uniting all news, press releases, and media articles in English "under one roof". Since September HTN has been fully operating, and today it is officially announced.

HTN is a "junior sister" of Artenom's wine business news resource “Hvino News”, which today has a small anniversary - 6 months of operation. The team behind both information projects is working to deliver quality news and information to its global readership as fast as possible. “We are happy to broaden our scope by including tourism and hospitality news from Georgia, and we hope to contribute in raising global awareness about Georgia's wine and tourism – two most unique Georgia’s offers to the world”, - said the editor-in-chief of

AGC published results of media audit rating of Georgian wine makers

12.10.2012 (Hvino News). Last July Hvino News published results of first media rating of Georgian wine companies, prepared by Artenom Georgia Consulting (AGC). According to our media rating, the leaders in media coverage were Tbilvino (1st place), Shuchmann Wines and Teliani Valley (sharing 2nd place). Our media rating was based on number of mentions in mass media, as monitored by Hvino News. For details, click here.

AGC continues its marketing and media research in the wine industry sector, and constantly develops more complex analytic instruments. In recent months AGC has conducted a series of "Media Audits" of 14 Georgian wine making companies.

"Wine Spectator" quotes AGC's director

Wine Spectator, one of world's most influential wine magazines, has quoted Artenom Georgia Consulting's Alexander Kaffka in a recent article about Georgia.

Article "Russia Gets Georgia's Wines on My Mind" posted September 4 is by Robert Taylor, who is Associate Editor of Wine Spectator.  Article's excerpts follow:
"Georgian wine during Soviet time was very popular in the Soviet bloc, but largely due to lack of competition from global producers," said Dr. Alexander Kaffka, head of Artenom Georgia Consulting and founding editor of Hvino News, an English-language website covering the Georgian wine industry. ("Hvino" means wine.) "It was a mass-produced product, which in most cases meant that quantity prevailed over quality."
After independence, despite privatization, Georgian wine did not become better since, like many other industries, it suffered from disorientation, insufficient financing and a lack of regulation, Kaffka said. Russia's declaration of a sanitary embargo "was not completely groundless," he noted. "In the huge flow of what was marketed as 'Georgian wine' in the 1990s, surely there was a large amount of low quality and plain fake product." <...>
Kaffka, however, has a different take: "Some people suppose Georgian wine is still in high demand in Russia ... but it will be challenging, if not impossible, to regain the market share Georgians used to have in retail." He offered three reasons for that: Georgian wines are perceived as "the taste of the elderly," thus unappealing to Russia's younger generation; Georgian wines won't be cheap; and it will require an expensive re-education ad campaign to convince Russians that quality has improved. Kaffka concluded, "Things will not be changing quickly, that's for sure."
This full article can be found here.

Artenom published first Media Rating of Georgian Wine Companies

Open image in new tab to enlargeThe first results and figures from the analytic report prepared by Hvino News, based on 3 months of its global media monitoring, became known. The first Media Rating of Georgian Wine Companies is now available. 

Indisputable leader in media mentions is Tbilvino. Congratulations to Tbilvino's management and PR team for successful media outreach! Company's openness to the mass media results in growth of international brand awareness and other marketing benefits.

The second place is shared by Teliani Valley and Shuchmann Wines. Both companies have demonstrated similar level of popularity in global media over 3 months' period.

The bronze goes to Pheasant's Tears, with the minimal gap of just one media mention.
The number of mentions of other companies can be seen from the table. Several prominent wine producers have no presence in the media at all, for example Kakhetian Traditional Winemaking. The general level of global media coverage of Georgian wine is considered as low.

The media data includes both the international media monitoring and the articles published by Hvino News under its own copyright. Deeper analysis of media mentions of Georgian wine brands, including favorability, target readership groups and other criteria will be available from special report"Hvino News: First Three Months of Media Monitoring". 

Open image in new tab to enlarge
© Hvino News. 
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AGC to open office in Tbilisi

We are pleased to announce to all our friends and partners in Georgia, that we are in process of establishing our office in Tbilisi. Director of our company AGC and is currently in Tbilisi till the end of June, meeting with interested companies and government agencies. We are very happy with high level of interest from Georgian partners to our initiatives aimed an international promotion of Georgian products. Georgian companies interested in cooperation with us and/or meeting our director are welcome to email us via this website. We do our best to accommodate all requests, and take this opportunity to thank everybody for your gratifying attention to our projects - we are working hard for you!

"Hvino News": Georgian Wine News Resource Launched

First Hvino Project Launched! Welcome to our news service, the ultimate English-language information resource on Georgian wine. As a matter of fact,  the word "hvino" (or "ghvino") is Georgian for wine, pronounced hweeno.

Hvino News is specialized information resource on Georgian wine, launched by our agency as the pilot project of Hvino Portal. News submissions are welcome from winemakers, experts, and other professionals at: editor[at] Advertising requests should be sent to: ads[at]

Good news! Soon after its launch Hvino News has received wide coverage in Georgia and internationally, including television. Here are links to some fresh articles about our project: