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Hvino News became first Georgian specialized news publisher included in Google News

04.03.2016 (Hvino News). On March 3, 2016, Google approved Hvino News for inclusion in the English-language section of Google News.

Google News is a news aggregator operated by Google, selecting up-to-date news from thousands of publications. Google News watches about 4500 English-language news sources worldwide, and has around 1 billion readers a week.

Independent SEO expert Andy Aires said: "Google News based articles are a great trust signal from Google. Being included in Google News increases Hvino's robustness in search results. It's a huge achievement for a specialized and country-focused publisher such as Hvino".

Hvino News is the only specialized Georgian news resource listed in Google News. In total, there are only about 7 other Georgian publishers listed in the English-language section of Google News. All of them, except for Hvino News, are general interest news sites.

Hvino News is a specialized news and information resource on Georgian wine, published since April 2012 in English, on a daily basis.

The Hvino family of wine information resources also includes the Russian language version Hvino-Novosti, online bilingual Georgian wine Catalogue, and the first interactive Map of Georgian wine objects.

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